Innovative 3SGTE/5SFE Motor Mounts

Innovative 3SGTE/5SFE Motor Mounts

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Fits 91-98 MR2s. 3SGTE or 5SFE 

With each mount coming with a lifetime warranty, you know they make a good product and stand behind it. Innovative offers different stiffness bushings which means you can choose your mount's stiffness to accommodate your driving conditions and power level. Designed by CAD. Stress analyzed

Reduces unwanted motor movement. 

Reduces wheel hop and increases driving feel. 

Bushing Durometers Available:

  • 60A: Recommended for street use and stock to mild motors. Red Urethane.
  • 75A: Recommended for occasional track use, and strong motors. Black Urethane.
  • 85A: Recommended for race use and fully built motors. Gray Urethane.
  • 95A: Recommended for extreme race use and very high HP only. Red Urethane.

*Please note: Innovative builds these to order and typically takes around 2 weeks to complete and ship