MR2 Shifter Box

MR2 Shifter Box

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The Racer X Fabrication shifter box for the 1991-1995 Toyota MR2 was created to replace the worn out OEM shifter box assembly. The OEM shifter box assembly is typically rusted, the bell crank bushing pin is worn from years of use and the polymer shifter cup is sloppy. Introducing the Racer X shift box, we started with the mounting plate that is bolted to the body. The mounting plate is CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and it eliminates the rubber grommets or shifter base bushings to provide a solid mounting foundation for the remaining components. The cable stay attaches to the mounting plate with stainless steel hardware, the cable stay completely encompasses the shifter cable head and retains the OEM spring clips. This reduces the possibility of any flexing in the cable during shifting. Moving on to the MR2 shift cup socket, we machined the internal diameter to be smaller to apply additional pressure on the worn out OEM polymer cups which brings new life to the feel of your shifting. The bell crank now uses a precision sealed bearing and a new OEM spring. The spring sits on a CNC machined bushing providing optimal tension and translates into the feedback that a new shifter should provide. The complete Racer X shifter box is anodized black for corrosion resistance and is designed to work with the 91-92, 93+, TRD, Super Klasse and Fidanza / B&M shifters.

The Fidanza / B&M shifter no longer has the issue of the 1st gear contact between the Bell crank and shifter that is often found in the OEM shifter box.

**NOTE: Does not include shifter, shift knob, OEM shifter spring, or polymer cup.

What's Included

  • 1) Racer X shifter box mounting plate
  • (1) Racer X socket cup
  • (1) Racer X bell crank
  • (1) Racer X shifter cable stay
  • (1) Bell crank spacer
  • (1) Bell crank shift pin adapter
  • (7) M8x1.25, 20mm SS button head
  • (1) M8x1.25, 10mm SS button head
  • (1) M6x1, 16mm SS counter sink
  • (1) M10 shoulder bolt
  • (1) M10 flat washer, lock washer