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MR2 Spyder Body Controller / Junction Box

MR2 Spyder Body Controller / Junction Box

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This module replaces the circuit board inside the stock ECU and dramatically reduces the complexity of the wiring for the 2AR-FE swap. The wiring is documented here and also in video form here.

This talks over the Toyota BEAN network to enable the gauge cluster’s coolant gauge as well as the alternator light and the oil pressure light and also works with the climate control system to make an A/C compressor work properly.

The body controller has the following feature set:

  • Coolant temperature gauge functions as normal without adding a second temperature sensor

  • Alternator charge light

  • Alternator field winding current (for older style alternators that expect a real charge light bulb)

  • Oil pressure warning light

  • Air conditioning clutch control for any compressor, no need for locked rotor sensor feedback

  • Power steering pump control to avoid battery drain

  • Two speed cooling fan control, including condenser cooling for air conditioning

  • Inverted brake confirmation signal generation