Single Din Radio Cup Holders

Single Din Radio Cup Holders

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The MR2 (SW20) community is strong and always pushing forward with new grass-roots innovation. We are proud to continue that tradition by solving an age-old problem with this chassis. CUP HOLDERS! The amount of different ideas on trying to solve this problem over the years has been monumental. We would like to throw our hat in the ring and say, we have an option for you. 


People have asked us to design a more robust single din cupholder for the radio area. There is a lot of "universal" radio dins out there but they are all flimsy and poorly made. AutoExtrude coming to the rescue and once again designing a whole new cupholder solution for the MR2 sw20. 


We thought it would be very important to keep your vent as functional as can be and a plug and play solution. The single din cupholder mounts using the factory OEM radio brackets. It can either be place on the top or bottom portion of the brackets. We prefer installing it on the top portion of the radio so that your drinks are closer to the AC vents and will keep your drink Cold or Hot. 

Our single "swing" design cupholder also does not block the radio completely unlike the dual ones that are available in the market. You can still enjoy your music while having a refreshing drink on your vehicle. 

Craftsmanship / Material: 

The cup holder insert is made like many of our products out of ASA plastic. It can withstand water, heat, direct sunlight  - UV-light and cold. We only use the most robust plastic for automotive interior use. Our materials are move UV resistant vs. PETG that others offer. It's made for years of continuous use without failure and color fade. 

Cup Holder Size: 

We have tested all sorts of different cups. Most bottles, all small to larg size cups from most fast-food chains function. A 7-Eleven Big Gulp also fits! Even the large Hydroflask containers fit very well. 

The cupholder also have rubber "flaps" so your smaller sized can don't wiggle too much while driving.  

LHD or RHD: 

Both work! 


What's Included: 

You will receive a Single Swing out Cupholder assembly mechanism, and our custom single din holder we designed to make it all fit and install to the factory brackets with ease.