TCS Motorsports Single Muffler Exhaust System PRE-ORDER

TCS Motorsports Single Muffler Exhaust System PRE-ORDER

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In order to get in on the pre-order, you would be required to pay a 50% deposit ($264.99). The balance of $265 (plus actual shipping charges) will be due when the exhausts are finished and shipping out!


Yes, that's right....We are finally bringing these back! After enough begging from our customers, we have decided to bring back BOTH models of our SW20 MR2 Exhaust systems! 


Revisions to the Single  muffler Exhaust system are:


1. Revised Hanger brackets for better fitment

2. Revised B-pipe design for better fitment and easier installation

3. Revised flange assembly for easier installation and better fitment



Note: The photo posted is of the old design. The new design will be almost identical to you, except for no longer having a V band connection (this will use a standard 2 bolt flange) and slight revisions that, while they may go unnoticed, will help with overall fitment and ease of installation. The overall shape/size of the muffler will remain unchanged, as well as the shape/size of the exhaust tips. The changes being made are to the routing of the B-pipe, flanges, slight design changes to the hanger assembly, and the entire system will be full 3" stainless steel!


The last time we had this exhaust produced, they were sold out by the time they were ready to ship. This time we are offering up a slight discount if you would like to pre-order your exhaust so you KNOW you will get one when they are available. 


These should be ready to ship in roughly 4 months (end of September 2020). Please do not order if you are in a serious time crunch and need your exhaust system today.  Typically we have a small production run of these exhausts made each time (typically 50pcs each time around). With that said, we will still have these in stock once they are finished, but this is a good opportunity for you to save some money!


Prices are as follows:


Regular price - $599.99 plus shipping

Pre-order price - $529.99 plus shipping